Accounting (BAcc & BAcc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
This course offers you the necessary academic grounding, as well as work placement opportunities,to enable you to meet the challenges of this demanding and stimulating sector.
Adult Nursing (BSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus /Dumfries Campus
You’ll study a range of topics from introductory based topics in nursing, science and social science to more specific topics on providing care to vulnerable individuals, how to practice safely as well as decision-making and research based topics.
Aircraft Engineering(BEng Hons/MEng Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The Aircraft Engineering course – which combines study with invaluable workplace experience – aims to provide you with skills appropriate to the aircraft design, manufacturing and repair sectors.
Applied Biomedical Science(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
Applied Bioscience (BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
BSc (Hons) Applied Bioscience offers placement opportunities and provides a comprehensive knowledge base in modern bioscience disciplines.
Applied Bioscience and Zoology(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
BSc (Hons) Applied Bioscience and Zoology equips you with the skills to pursue a career within zoological sciences, in roles such as zoo keeper and countryside ranger.
Applied Bioscience with Forensic Investigation(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
The BSc Applied Bioscience with Forensic Investigation equips you with scientific knowledge and techniques necessary for solving crime.
Biomedical Science (BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science are designed to meet the needs of the NHS and develop biomedical scientists who play a vital role in modern healthcare.
Broadcast Production TV and Radio (BA & BA Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
The BA degree in Broadcast Production programme is tailored to the current broadcasting industry, combining practical and theoretical elements. The degree course is taught at the Ayr Campus, by staff with extensive working experience in the industry, Broadcast Production teaches you how to make and how to understand television, radio and other digital media. The practical production of television and radio programmes is linked to the study of media theory.
Business & Finance(BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Understanding how an organisation is managed and funded is key to its survival and growth. And to succeed in business you’ll need a broad range of skills. The BA Business & Finance has been developed in partnership with industry, employers and professional associations to meet the challenges and demands of modern business.
Business & Human Resource Management(BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Understanding how to manage, motivate and reward the people of an organisation can make a decisive contribution in the success of a business or organisation. The BA Business & Human Resource Management has been developed in partnership with industry, employers and professional associations to equip you with the knowledge and skills that business leaders look for.
Business & Marketing (BA& BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The BA Business & Marketing course will provide you with the specialist skills that employers expect from marketing professionals, combined with general business skills to make you stand out.
Business Technology (BSc & BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The Business Technology degree has been designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The course, based at Paisley campus, aims to give you the key knowledge and skills that will allow Business Technology graduates to work in any modern business, managing and improving the technology that the business uses, in roles such as Business Analyst, Project Manager, Technology Manager and many more.
Business(BA & BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus /Dumfries Campus
The Business degree is all encompassing and offers an excellent grounding in the business and enterprise skills valued by employers. With a flexible core framework, it builds on existing provision from our School of Business and Enterprise.
Chemical Engineering (BEng(Hons)/MEng )
Campus:Paisley Campus
Chemical engineering is at the forefront of the quest to produce clean energy and satisfy human needs in several areas such as health, food, energy and materials, in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible manner. Professionally accredited* and with paid placement opportunities, the Chemical Engineering course produces graduates who have excellent job prospects, real responsibility and the potential to create a sustainable planet.
Chemistry with Education(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Ayr Campus
The BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Education course will provide you with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chemistry. In addition, you will develop professional skills through work-based learning, ensuring you are fully equipped to meet the demands of being a teacher.
Chemistry(BSc & BSc (Hons))
Campus:Paisley Campus
The BSc Chemistry will provide you with a fundamental knowledge of the subject and the practical skills required for a career in drug research, environmental analysis and forensic science.
Childhood Studies (2nd year entry) (BA & BA Hons)
儿童期研究 (第二学年入学)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus /Dumfries Campus
The BA Childhood Studies offers you the opportunity to build a career supporting children and their families in a variety of environments.
Civil Engineering (BEng Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Ranked 3rd@the Guardian 2020!Click here to find out more!
Commercial Music (BA & BA Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
Music is one of the UK’s largest industries by export alone and the professionally accredited Commercial Music course aims to enable those with talent, drive and ability to forge a varied, lifelong career incorporating performance, business, composition, production and sociology elements, in areas such as music promotion, tour management, sound engineering and production.
Community Education (BA)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
With practice learning opportunities, the Community education degree has professional recognition from the Standards Council for Community Learning and Development for Scotland.
Computer Aided Design(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The BSc Computer-Aided Design will put your creative and technical skills to the test to produce digital models (2D and 3D designs) and specifications for a range of product development projects. Increasing pressure on manufacturing organisations to be more productive, efficient and pro-active to market needs has forced manufacturers to adopt new, faster and functionally advanced design, manufacturing and communication tools to maintain a competitive advantage.
Computer Animation (with option in Digital Art) (BSc & BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Computer animation, modelling and effects require both artistic and technical approaches to complex problem-solving for visual communication. Fusing traditional skills with cutting-edge technology, this dynamic and innovative programme provides you with the skills to work in a wide range of areas within the computer animation industry.
Computer Games Development(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The BSc Computer Games Development combines practical development skills with games design. Develop your skills in game programming and game engine scripting for multiple platforms,supported by dedicated games studios and interaction with animation artists.
Computer Networking (BSc & BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
This course equips you with the skills to specialise in networking technology. The programme covers knowledge required for CISCO Certified Networking Associate (CCNA), a worldwide recognised qualification.
Computing Science (BSc & BSc Hons)
计算科学 学士学位/荣誉学士学位
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus /Dumfries Campus
The BSc (Hons) Computing Science degree will open up various career opportunities including systems analyst, software developer/engineer and database administrator/designer.
Criminal Justice/ Criminal Justice (Policing)(BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
The course will focus not only on Scotland, but the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. You will also acquire a range of key transferable critical, analytical and evaluative skills.
Cyber Security(BEng (Hons)/MEng)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The BSc Cyber Security includes the development of many industry relevant skills based around the ethical hacking framework. This is all underpinned by a thorough knowledge of both networking (CCNA) and programming theory.
Education (BA)
Campus:Ayr Campus
You will have the formal teaching qualification necessary for provisional registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.
Engineering Management (3rd Year Entry) (BEng Hons)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The Engineering Management course, which has a proven record of successful employment over many years, is suitable for those who wish to pursue an engineering career in a continuous improvement, planning, supervisory or project management role within industry
ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL)(3rd or 4th Year Entry)(BA & BA Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
This programme is designed for domestic, EU and international students looking to become proficient in English and to expand their knowledge of intercultural identities, teacher education, and analysing discourse.
Environmental Health with Professional Practice (BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
The UWS BSc (Hons) Environmental Health is the only undergraduate degree course in Scotland to be accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland. It provides a direct pathway to become a professional environmental health officer (EHO), allowing you to apply your knowledge of science, technology, law and professional practice to keep people safe and healthy.
Events Management (BA & BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The Events Management course is designed to give you the essential knowledge and practical experience to build a career in an exciting, fast-growing industry. Many of the modules have an international focus, giving graduates the opportunity to use their skills overseas.
Filmmaking & Screen-writing (BA & BA Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
The professionally accredited Filmmaking & Screen-writing course, which incorporates industry experience opportunities, gives you the chance to make your own films and write scripts whilst studying classic and cult films from around the world.
Forensic Science(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The UWS Forensic Science degree course will prepare you for a career in a vital role in the UK and international criminal justice system through recent advances in analytical sciences and genetics. This degree will help to prepare you for a career as a Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO), a civilian forensic support role which assists the police / law enforcement to investigate serious crimes and obtain vital fingerprint or DNA evidence which is used to secure conviction at trial.
International Business(BA Hons)
Campus:London Campus
A fast-track route, with entry at advanced level, to prepare you for the modern business market. Our 2 year Honours degree in International Business provides the knowledge and skills you will need for a range of future careers.
Journalism / Sport Journalism (BA Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
Law (BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Mathematics with education (BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Ayr Campus
Mechanical Engineering (BEng Hons & MEng Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Mechanical engineers specialise in the design, development and manufacture of a wide variety of machines, products and structures ranging from consumer related designs through to automotive and aerospace designs. The Mechanical Engineering degree focuses on industry-relevant subject matter reflecting the needs of today’s employers, giving you the opportunity to build a career in the design, engineering and manufacturing sectors.
Mental Health Nursing(BSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus /Dumfries Campus
The BSc Mental Health Nursing course provides you with the knowledge, skills, practical experience and confidence to allow you to become a mental health nursing professional. Understanding what factors contribute to psychological or neurological health issues is one of the most complex and fascinating fields of healthcare. As a mental health nurse you can start your career working independently or as part of a multi-disciplinary team to treat complex health and mental health needs, with a recovery-focused approach.
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
Midwives are the lead healthcare professionals for women, taking care of their welfare during pregnancy, labour and into the early postnatal period. Our course will give you the knowledge, skills, practical experience and confidence to become a professional midwife. 50% of the course is placement based so you’ll spend a significant amount of time putting what you learn in lectures into practice in a real-life clinical environment.
Music Technology (BSc Hons)
音乐技术 荣誉学士学位
Campus:Paisley Campus
This degree in Music Technology, aims to equip graduates with the knowledge and practical ability to work in technology related jobs in the music industry such as studio engineer, live sound engineer, sound recordist, broadcast engineer, sound technician and many more.
New Media Art (BA Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
Nursing Studies (3rd Year Entry) (BSc Hons)
护理研究 理学学士(第三年入学)
Campus:Paisley Campus
This course is for aimed at trained and registered nurses looking to enhance their career in nursing. You will study a variety of contemporary nursing related modules to enhance your practice. You will develop critical and analytical problem based learning skills as well as a range of transferable skills that reflect the demands of nursing professionals today.
Occupational Safety & Health(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
The BSc (Hons) Occupational Safety & Health course at UWS will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage the health and safety of your organisation. This degree will give you a competitive edge as an occupational safety and health professional in a range of industry sectors.
Overseas Partnership Programme (OPP)
—学期项目学分互认 (OPP)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Performance (BA & BA Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
The Drama UK recognised Performance course will develop practice and knowledge acquired from performance diploma courses and introduces relevant new skills required to secure a successful career in a variety of roles such as acting; directing; writing for stage and screen; producing original theatre; and working collaboratively with community groups.
Physics (BSc & BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The Physics course teaches the fundamentals of physics as a core science and will help develop the professional skills and expertise for a career in any area of physics, from industrial applications to academic research. UWS is one of eight Scottish universities that have formed a research alliance in physics with the aim of placing Scotland at the forefront of research in physics.
Physics with Education(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Ayr Campus
Students undertaking the BSc Physics with Education graduate with a degree in physics and are also qualified to teach physics in secondary schools. The course will cover all of the core topics of a degree in physics alongside education modules, and will include school placements that will give students on the course the necessary first-hand experience of teaching in the classroom.
Physics with Nuclear Technology (BSc Hons)
核物理技术 荣誉学士学位
Campus:Paisley Campus
The Physics with Nuclear Technology course is specifically designed for students with an interest in nuclear physics and its applications. This is the only degree of its type in Scotland. With the renewed world-wide interest in nuclear energy, the career opportunities for graduates are wide-ranging.
Professional Health Studies (3rd year entry)(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The BSc Professional Health Studies will help you to understand the relationship between integrated health and social care systems. This is an increasingly important area of health policy, holding the possibility of reducing healthcare costs and providing better experience for healthcare system users. You will develop critical and analytical problem-based learning skills as well as transferable skills which reflect the demands of today’s healthcare professionals.
Psychology(BSc Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The BSc Psychology course at UWS will prepare you for a career as a Chartered Psychologist. The course is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). The primary aim of the psychology degree is to develop your understanding of how and why people act in the way that they do.
Social Science(BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus
The BA (Hons) Social Science course introduces you to a range of social science disciplines, with a specific focus on Politics, Psychology and Sociology. You will be able to develop your knowledge and understanding of social science and engage with classical and contemporary social science theory and research.
Social Work (BA Hons)
Campus:Paisley Campus /Dumfries Campus
The UWS BA Social Work has been designed in collaboration with employers and service users to provide you with the knowledge and practical experience to qualify as a practicing social worker. Within a globally defined profession, social workers help people help themselves and play a crucial role in improving lives.
Society, Politics & Policy(BA Hons, BSc Hons Sandwich)
社会,政治和政策 荣誉学士学位 (全日制4年)
The BA (Hons) Society, Politics & Policy course will help you understand modern society from social, political and policy dimensions. This degree will help you develop your understanding of a range of social science disciplines and subjects which are interrelated and complementary. The central disciplines that underpin this course are Political Science, Social Policy and Sociology.
Sport and Exercise Science (BSc Hons)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science programme will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to become a sport and exercise scientist.
Sport Coaching (BSc Hons)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching programme focuses on equipping you with the essential knowledge and skills to become a coaching professional.
Sport Development (BSc Hons)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The BSc (Hons) Sport Development programme is designed to cover the key aspects of sport development. There is a strong emphasis on work-based learning and developing the practical skills relevant to the modern sports, health and fitness industries.
Sports Coaching and Development(BSc Hons)
Campus:Ayr Campus
This UWS degree is unique in Scotland and is designed to cover the key aspects of sport coaching and development.
Web and Mobile Development (BSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The BSc Web and Mobile Development is professionally recognised by the British Computer Society and will equip you with the skills to design, develop and maintain secure and usable web services and mobile applications that exploit the capabilities of the internet.

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