Adult Nursing (MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The MSc in Adult Nursing will enable you to become a highly educated nurse with longer term potential for roles in areas such as leadership, consulting, management and education.
Advanced Biomedical Science (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The course has been designed with input from biomedical scientists, research scientists and bioscience experts. It combines the best elements of biomedical science with the advanced technologies important in healthcare provision. The programme of study also has a strong emphasis on the role of quality management in biomedical science.
Advanced Computer System Developments (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
This MSc course is delivered at our UWS Paisley campus and offers modules covering the latest developments in computer systems analysis, design and implementation.
Advanced Computing (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Our MSc Advanced Computing course is designed to develop practical skills by providing a comprehensive understanding of fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience of advanced computing technologies within industry and academia. Common modules will focus on planning, analysing, developing, evaluating, deploying, and managing advanced computing systems and services for modern day organisations and businesses. All common modules are designed to respect the key themes of advanced computing, delivering research informed teaching in lectures, tutorials, and laboratory sessions. Unique and challenging modules are introduced, including Mobile Networks and Smartphone Applications, Data Mining, and visualisation. The Ethics for IT professionals and Object Oriented Analysis and Design modules provide the basics for Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) streams.
Applied Social Science(MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Our MSc Applied Social Science course offers you applied training in a number of specialisms. It also provides you with the transferable social science research skills and discipline-specific expertise
Big Data (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The MSc in Big Data addresses the growing importance of big data in business, and society at large.
Biotechnology (MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The programme has been designed in consultation with industry to develop subject knowledge and relevant practical skills at the forefront of current biotechnology developments. The importance of quality control, quality assurance, commercialisation and sustainability in the bioscience industry will also be key features of the programme. Modern analytical techniques, practical and research skills are key strengths of the programme with the opportunity to undertake individual research.
Broadcast Journalism(MA)
Campus:Ayr Campus
The MA or postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism is accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council and is delivered using our own purpose built television studios at UWS Hamilton Campus.
Career Guidance & Development(MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
As a practitioner you will provide accurate and relevant advice on employment, education and training opportunities to an ever-widening client group. Our course focuses on professional practice, personal reflection and critical analysis of practice. It also allows you to undertake research and work evaluation as part of your ongoing professional development. The Postgraduate Diploma can include completion of the Qualification in Career Guidance and Development (QCGD) which is professionally accredited by the Career Development Institute UK.
Chemical Engineering (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
This programme is for graduates of chemical engineering and other related disciplines who want to gain postgraduate qualification and upgrade their technical abilities and equip themselves with advanced knowledge in the fields of chemical and process engineering to enable them to perform in the modern 21st century chemical industry in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, fine chemicals, clean energy, environmental waste management, oil and gas, petrochemicals, cosmetics, consumer products, materials and agrochemicals among many others. It is also ideal for engineers holding a BEng degree that require a further learning element to qualify for Chartered Engineer registration.
Civil Engineering (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
This programme has a UK and global appeal for career development and future plans are currently being developed to offer students the requisite skills to become CEng qualified through the Joint Board of Moderators. It satisfies the technical and managerial expectations required by civil engineering employers as the programme will develop the skills needed to interface with functional users, other than engineers, giving you a more holistic view of the processes behind successfully delivering a civil engineering project.
Contemporary Drug & Alcohol Studies(MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Our innovative MSc Contemporary Alcohol & Drug Studies course adopts a critical social science perspective to explore the interplay between psychoactive substances and society across a range of areas.
Creative Media Practice(MA)
Campus:Ayr Campus
Delivered by expert practitioners, our MA Creative Media Practice course equips you for a creative media career, offering network contacts, an impressive portfolio and essential practical skills. Our course structure allows you to gain a personally tailored skill set, a detailed awareness of the fusion of creative, cultural, technological, social and political forces within the Creative Industries Sector and Screen and Broadcast Industries, and a deep understanding of the theories which underpin these areas.
Cyber Security(MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
This highly-specialist programme is designed for graduates who want to gain knowledge and skills in advanced topics in data and network security to combat 21st century cyber threats. It focuses on developing your practical and hands-on skills to pursue a career in the growing market of cyber security. Taught in our purpose built laboratories, the curriculum will cover computer systems and network security, cyber attacks and defence, intrusion detection and prevention, data security, and network monitoring. These are built on a strong foundation of knowledge in computer networks, both wired and wireless, using industry standard systems. You will undertake an individual project as part of your Masters degree which allows you to carry out a substantive work based project on a topic of your interest either in the University or, where possible, in a company. The programme delivery will draw on strong links with industry in its learning, teaching and professional development incorporating real-world learning through industry case studies, guest lecturer involvement and supported industry projects.
Digital Marketing (MSc)
数字营销 理科硕士
Campus:Paisley Campus
Designed in line with current industry practice to meet the growing demand for digital marketing professionals, this programme gives you an opportunity to build a successful career in this fast-growing global sector.
Filmmaking (MA)
Campus:Ayr Campus
Finance and Accounting with CIMA (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Developed in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), this programme prepares you for a successful career in finance and accounting, working at home or overseas in various business environments.
Information Technology (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
This course is accredited by the british computer society and is designed for those who have a degree in an area other than IT or computing, who wish to develop significant, current, and businessrelevant IT knowledge and skills, which are in demand by employers.
Campus:Paisley Campus
Delivered in partnership with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin, the MA in Cultural Diplomacy & International Music educates professionals who intend to become involved in international diplomatic relations which function using the “soft power” of music. These projects often work across boundaries where trade and political diplomacy have failed, hence retaining communication channels and inter-cultural connections.
International Management (MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The aim of this 1 year UWS MSc postgraduate programme in International Management is to provide students with a sound grasp of the major theoretical and conceptual tools of middle management suitable for professional practice in an international context.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
This MSc course examines current practices, issues and trends in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and provides students with both a specialist knowledge and basic training in related business disciplines to design and manage efficient and effective logistics and supply chain systems.
Master of Business Administration (MBA)(MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /London Campus
The new UWS MBA has been redesigned to reflect the ever-changing nature of business, and the global challenges which business leaders are facing. The MBA will be delivered at UWS Hamilton Campus full-time and part-time.
Master of Public Health(MPH)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Mental Health Nursing (MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The programme will enable you to become a highly educated nurse with longer term potential for roles in areas such as leadership, consulting, management and education.
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The programme will provide you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to become a professional midwife. The aim of the programme is to prepare you to become a clinically competent, safe, effective and compassionate practitioner who applies evidence-based care within a systematic approach to midwifery care.
Mobile Web Development(MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The MSc Mobile Web Development is a unique technical course covering web and mobile development. The course is designed to meet the demands of the increasing use of mobile devices which are being coupled with cloud computing to provide applications and services to users and enterprises.
MSc Policy Analysis and Global Governance(MSc)
政策分析和全球治理 理科硕士
Campus:Paisley Campus
Music (Songwriting/Sound Production/Industries)(MA)
音乐(歌曲创作/音效制作/行业) 文学硕士
Campus:Ayr Campus
Our MA provides a broad range of personalised learning experiences underpinned by professionally relevant research, knowledge exchange and enterprise that is strongly aligned to Songwriting,Production,Music industries.
Nursing (MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
Our MSc Nursing course is designed to provide a progressive pathway of masters level study for all registered nurses working in all fields of practice.
Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) :PGDE Primary
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus
This qualification gives you the skills, knowledge and experience to build a career as a primary school teacher. Graduates possess the formal pre-requisite teaching qualification necessary for provisional registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.
Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) :PGDE Secondary
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus
With a strong practical bias, this programme provides the formal teaching qualification for provisional registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), preparing you for a career in secondary school teaching.
Project Management (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
In every business, and in every industry, effective project management is essential. Project managers plan and organise resources and people to ensure projects finish on time, within budget and meet the requirements of the business.
Psychology (Conversion) (MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Quality Management(MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
The MSc Quality Management course is delivered at UWS Paisley Campus on a full or part-time basis. The course is professionally recognised by the Chartered Quality Institute.
Social Work(Conversion)(MSc)
Campus:Paisley Campus
Sport Coaching (MSc)
Campus:Lanarkshire Campus
The programme aims to advance your coaching skills through the application of science to sport in your coaching context. The programme draws on a range of disciplines including sport psychology, sport conditioning and performance analysis. It is designed to provide support in the application of scientific principles to challenge and enhance your coaching practice
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (MEd)
对外英语教学 教育学硕士
Campus:Paisley Campus
This Masters programme will equip you with the relevant, practical teaching and English language skills as well as the confidence and citizenship skills that you will gain from developing language learnt in situ, for those who teach,or plan to each, English to speakers of other languages.
Waste & Resource Management(MSc)
废料及资源管理 理科硕士
Campus:Paisley Campus
The global market in environmental goods and services is currently worth about £3 trillion. Global investment attracted by ‘green technologies’ for electrical power generation recently exceeded that for coal and natural gas. This area is being actively promoted in the UK and Scottish context for economic development. The programme develops core skills in environmental management, coupled with an understanding of technologies that enhance the sustainable use of natural resources and minimise the environmental impact of economic activities, exploiting value from industrial process by-products and waste materials. Our research-active academics are experienced in projects monitoring and assessing environmental impacts, developing innovative treatment technologies and working with industry and business. We have also been involved in support for and development of environmental policy and regulation in the UK, the EU and internationally.

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