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University of the West of Scotland is one of Scotland’s most modern, innovative and dynamic universities. With a rich history that can be traced back to 1897, the University’s four easily accessible campuses in Ayr, Dumfries, Lanarkshire and Paisley are based in the heart of the west of Scotland. The University offers an exciting range of career-focused undergraduate, postgraduate and research study options across Business and Enterprise;Comp,Eng & Physical Sciences;Education; Health and Life Sciences; Media, Culture and Society. 


Founded in 1897


3000 International Students


Come from136 Countries

  • About UWS

    Top 800 universities in the world, top 150 young universities in the world

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  • Entry Requirements

    Introduction of academic & language requirements

  • Application Guide

    A step by step guide to help you to make the application easier!

  • Fees

    Introduction about the fees

  • Scholarship

    Introduction of UWS Scholarships available for international students

  • Facilties

    The University of the West of Scotland is committed to providing students with the best equipment and services to support their studies.

  • UWS community

    A mini programme for you to be connected with UWS alumni/current students and more.

  • Online UWS Tour

    View the UWS facilties online

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Ms. Jun Chen
Jun.Chen@uws.ac.uk Ms. Yuxiao Zhou
Yuxiao.Zhou@uws.ac.uk Ms. Ge XIn
Ge.Xin@uws.ac.uk Mr. Caiyong Zhuang

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