Accounting (BAcc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus

The BAcc Accounting provides thorough training for a career in accountancy - including financial and management accounting, taxation and audit.

Aircraft Engineering(MEng Hons/BEng Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The MEng (Hons) / BEng (Hons) Aircraft Engineering has been designed in partnership with the aerospace industry, and will provide you with the skills required to work effectively in the aircraft design, manufacturing, aerodynamic and structural design and repair and overhaul sectors.

Applied Bioscience and Zoology(BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

Get ready to pursue a career in the zoological sciences with UWS’s BSc (Hons) Applied Bioscience & Zoology degree.

Applied Bioscience with Forensic Investigation(BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

Get ready to pursue a career in the biological or forensic sciences with UWS’s BSc Applied Bioscience with Forensic Investigation programme.

Applied Bioscience(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Get ready to pursue a career in the biological sciences with UWS’s BSc (Hons) Applied Bioscience programme.

Biomedical Science (BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

Enter a career at the forefront of modern healthcare with UWS’s BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science programme.

Broadcast Production: TV & Radio(BA Hons)


Campus:Ayr Campus

UWS’s BA Broadcast Production: TV and Radio degree will prepare you for success in the broadcast industry.

Business & Finance(BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Get your career in business off to a flying start with UWS’s BA Business & Finance programme.

Business & Human Resource Management(BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Become a human resource management professional with our BA Business & Human Resource Management programme.

Business & Marketing (BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BA Business & Marketing programme will provide you with the specialist skills and knowledge to excel as a marketing professional, giving you a competitive edge in the graduate employment market.

Business Technology (BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The professionally-accredited BSc Business Technology opens up a wide range of roles and opportunities for you with many organisations, including large blue chip international companies.

Business (BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus

Launch your career in business with the University of the West of Scotland’s BA Business degree programme.

Chemical Engineering(MEng Hons/BEng Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Professionally accredited, and with paid placement opportunities, the MEng (Hons) / BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering offers excellent job prospects and the potential to help create a sustainable planet.

Chemistry with Education(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Ayr Campus

The BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Education will provide you with both the extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chemistry and professional skills through work-based learning to ensure you are fully equipped to meet the demands of being a Chemistry teacher in secondary (high) school.

Chemistry(BSc (Hons))


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc (Hons) Chemistry provides you with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills you need for a career in the dynamic fields of drug research, environmental analysis and forensic science. With an emphasis on strong academic content and theoretical underpinnings, practical experience and modern chemical instrumentation, this degree focuses on analytical chemistry and health-related fields.

Childhood Studies (2nd year entry)

儿童研究荣誉学士学位 (第二学年入学)

Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus

Build a career in childhood services with UWS’ BA (Hons) Childhood Studies programme.

Civil Engineering (BEng Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BEng Civil Engineering course covers broad-based civil engineering subjects to equip you with knowledge and skills to plan, design and implement major civil engineering projects.

Commercial Music (BA Hons)


Campus:Ayr Campus

The BA (Hons) Commercial Music programme will assist you in developing the critical skills to secure a role in the ever-evolving commercial music industries.

Community Education (BA Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

Train to become a professionally qualified Community Educator with our BA Community Education degree.

Computer Aided Design(BSc Hons)(3rd Year Entry)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Computer-Aided Design is a practically-focused top-up degree that will build on your existing qualification and give you exposure to the latest CAD technology as well as modelling and analysis techniques.

Computer Animation (BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Computer Animation Arts combines traditional and digital animation techniques, and covers all elements of the animation production pipeline.

Computer Games Development (BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Computer Games Development combines practical development skills with games design. It is professionally recognised by the British Computer Society as meeting the educational requirements for Chartered IT Professional registration.

Computer Networking (BSc & BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Hons Computer Networking aims to provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to work in this exciting and ever-evolving field and help keep all aspects of modern life connected.

Computer Science (BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus

The BSc Computing Science will give you a wide ranging understanding of computing in a variety of disciplines.

Criminal Justice and Forensic Science(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Criminal Justice and Forensic Science degree helps you kick-start your career in the criminal justice system by developing expertise in criminal justice and the forensic examination of evidence.

Criminal Justice/ Criminal Justice (Policing) (BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Prepare yourself for a career in the criminal justice system with UWS’s BA Criminal Justice / Criminal Justice (Policing).

Cyber Security(MEng Hons/BEng Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

BEng (Hons) / MEng (Hons) Cyber Security will teach you how to protect and secure modern data infrastructure. The course will allow you to develop many industry relevant skills based around the ethical hacking framework, underpinned by a thorough understanding of both networking (CCNA) and programming theory.

Education(BA Hons)


Campus:Ayr Campus

If you’ve got a calling to teach then UWS’s BA Education will help you establish a career as a primary school teacher.

Engineering Management(BEng Hons)(3rd Year Entry)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

The BEng Engineering Management will set you up for a career in a continuous improvement, planning, supervisory or project management role in engnieering environments. You will develop your technological problem solving skills and your organisational, planning and management abilities, providing you with the knowledge to successfully oversee complex engineering projects from start to finish.

English as a Second Language (ESL)(BA Hons)(3rd or 4th Year Entry)

英语(作为第二外语)荣誉学士学位 (第三或第四学年入学)

Campus:Paisley Campus

In today’s global context, fluent spoken and written English is increasingly valued, and the BA English as a Second Language will equip you with English language skills and fluency that will attract international employers throughout the world.

Events Management (BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Fancy learning about the important role events have in society and the skills required to plan and stage events to run like clockwork? Then UWS’s BA Events management programme is designed to take your knowledge and skills to the next level.

Filmmaking & Screen Writing(BA Hons)


Campus:Ayr Campus

UWS's BA Filmmaking & Screen Writing will help you develop the essential creative, critical and professional skills required to work in cinema, TV and related industries.

Forensic Science(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc (Hons) Forensic Science degree will prepare you for a career in a vital role in the UK and international criminal justice systems through recent advances in analytical sciences and genetics as you will develop expertise in crime scene examination and the scientific examination of recovered materials.

Journalism (BA Hons) (3rd Year Entry)

新闻学荣誉学士学位 (第三学年入学)

Campus:Ayr Campus

UWS’s BA Journalism will teach you everything you need to know to become a savvy, multimedia-skilled journalist and reporter. Learn the skills to drop the latest breaking news story.

Law (BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BA (Hons) Law covers a wide range of legal subjects so that you are skilled in advising organisations on how to comply with their legal obligations and prepares you for success in legal or law-related settings.

Mathematics with education (BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Ayr Campus

The BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Education will provide you with both the extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in mathematics and statistics as well as professional skills through work-based learning to ensure you are fully equipped to meet the demands of being a Mathematics teacher in secondary (high) school.

Mathematics(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Join the BSc Mathematics to learn how mathematics underpins and describes the world around us.

Mechanical Engineering(MEng Hons/BEng Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

MEng (Hons) / BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering focuses on industry-relevant topics to reflect the needs of today’s employers, giving you the opportunity to build a successful career in the design, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Music Technology (BSc Hons)

音乐技术 荣誉学士学位

Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Music Technology provides students with the knowledge and practical experience to work in a range of areas within the creative music, audio and media sectors.

New Media Art (BA Hons) (3rd Year Entry)


Campus:Ayr Campus

The BA (Hons) New Media Art helps you discover and develop your artistic practices through diverse platforms from illustration, moving image, animation, multimedia, sound art, live performance etc. and prepares you to become a leading creative practitioner.

Occupational Safety & Health(BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

UWS’s BSc (Hons) Occupational Safety & Health is professionally-accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to lead and manage health and safety in the workplace.

Performance ( BA Hons)


Campus:Ayr Campus

Harness the power of performance with UWS’s BA Performance programme. This programme is designed to help you become a creative, critical thinker who’ll make a positive impact in the workplace.

Physics with Education(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Ayr Campus

The BSc (Hons) Physics with Education will provide you with both the extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in physics and professional skills through work-based learning to ensure you are fully equipped to meet the demands of being a Physics teacher in secondary (high) school.

Physics with Nuclear Technology (BSc Hons)

核物理技术 荣誉学士学位

Campus:Paisley Campus

The professionally-accredited BSc Physics with Nuclear Technology course is the only one of its kind in Scotland.

Physics(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The professionally-recognised BSc Physics degree will develop your understanding of the fundamentals of physics as a core science, and will build your knowledge and professional skills to prepare you for a career in any area of physics, including industrial applications and academic research.

Psychology(BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

If you fancy learning about the inner workings of the mind and human behaviour, the UWS’s BSc Psychology degree is for you.

Social Science(BA Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus

The UWS BA (Hons) in Social Sciences focuses on the central themes of social justice, power and inequalities.

Sport and Exercise Science (BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

UWS's BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science prepares you for a career where you will learn how to support athletes in maximising their performance.

Sport Coaching (BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

UWS’s BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching will help you develop the skills and expertise required to become a professional sports coach.

Sport Development (BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

UWS’s BSc (Hons) Sport Development will focuses on how to help people lead healthy, active lifestyles.

Sports Coaching and Development(BA/BSc Hons)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

Prepare for employment in the sports coaching and development industries with UWS’s BA/BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching & Development.

Tourism Management(BA Hons) (3rd Year Entry)

旅游管理荣誉学士学位 (大三入学)

Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus

The BA Tourism Management programme is a progression route for those with a HND in a tourism related subject and is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to work in one of the most exciting global industries.

Web and Mobile Development (BSc Hons)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Web & Mobile Development will equip you with the skills to design, develop and maintain secure web services and mobile applications that harness the capabilities of the internet.

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