Doctor of Professional Studies (DProf)


Doctor of Professional Studies (DProf)

Full Programme Introduction
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Campus:/Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus /Dumfries Campus /Ayr Campus
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Programme Intro:

UWS is delighted to present its innovative, blended learning, part-time Professional Doctorate (DProf). This course combines the art and science of professional practice and the concept of reflective practice with relevant academic theory helping you to apply this to the investigation/exploration of problems. Many professionals come to the programme as they are preparing to move into senior leadership roles in the profession and find the programme an extremely useful way to enliven change design with cutting edge theory, deepen their understanding of transformative change and support change with reflective practice.

Because the programme is offered on a blended part-time basis and has a focus on professional practice there is no interruption to your earning power. The DProf is interdisciplinary, and recognises that real world professional practice problems are dynamic and complex. The course will facilitate an investigation into the contemporary issues facing your profession and to make a contribution to professional knowledge that is applied and practical in nature.

The DProf allows you to develop transferable skills in advanced applied research as well as in-depth expertise specifically related to your profession through a two year taught phase before moving on to research phase with supervision in which you will complete a piece of applied research and defend the resulting thesis. Through the programme we aim to help you develop confidence, increase your awareness as a reflective practitioner, and improve your career prospects and job satisfaction which will also be of benefit to your workplace in terms of organisational and succession planning.

Tuition Fees - Academic Session 2021/22
Paisley, Lanarkshire, Ayr & Dumfries campuses - £3,250 per year of study (all Scottish students) / £3,250 per year of study (all Rest of UK (RUK) and Republic of Ireland (RoI) students) / £6660 (all other International (including EU) students)

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