Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Programme Intro:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is the highest rated research degree awarded by UWS.

As the highest academic level of study, a PhD is rigourous and demanding. Most students are passionate about their area of interest and pursue a PhD as a result of their scientific and academic curiosity.

Candidates awarded a PhD are entitled to use the academic title Doctor before their name.

PhD candidates typically emerge from MRes or MPhil studies, although some candidates apply directly having gained appropriate research experience.

In most cases the PhD usually requires at least 33 months of full-time study, and requires the submission and oral defence (viva voce examination) of a thesis (typically 60-100,000 words, depending on your field of study) comprising original research undertaken by the candidate.

PhDs are normally awarded to students who have completed a programme of supervised research training and critically evaluated an appropriate topic over not less than the equivalent of 33 months of full-time study that results in a significant contribution to knowledge.

A PhD is generally a pre-requisite for a successful career in academia, and can help you to secure senior research and management roles in government agencies and companies.

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