What support have you had while studying at UWS


I’ve had loads of support, so there's been there an international advisers. All of my coordinators are awesome.They've been super helpful.As well as that there's been little things,so when I arrived at the airport,there was people picking me up from the airport and bringing me here.Yeah, loads of support.


So my first language is not English, and I’ve got accessible from my lecturer and careers skills from UWS.


I had a lot of support from the admissions team when I first got here. Because I got here a little late,and they helped me a lot with my visa process,and all the wait times and everything that I just needed to do to get ready for that.And they were so nice about it.And so helpful.


What would you say to an international student considering studying at UWS



Do it.Just bite the bullet and do it.It's awesome.



Just don't think about it. Just join UWS its excellent.



Overall,I think it's a great place to study, and in what can I say? You'll probably be very happy here.



I would say is a perfect choice for you to study in UWS,and you will meet a lot of people,a lot of friends from different of part of the world.



Everyone should start here.The main reason is the level of education,the stuff and the environment in UWS.



Everyone is really friendly. All the people that I've met I've made friends have like. Came and gone that only studied here for a semester.And I'm still in contact with them. So the friends you make here do essentially last a lifetime.