Addiction Psychology (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Addiction Psychology provides advanced study of the psychological theory underpinning the development and maintenance of pharmacological and behavioural addictions, as well as their evidence-based treatments.

Adult Nursing (MSc)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

This exciting, two-year pre-registration course is underpinned by master’s level education, enabling you to become a highly educated adult nurse with longer term potential for management, leadership, consultancy, educational and research roles.

Advanced Biomedical Science (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Advanced Biomedical Science programme gives you the skills and knowledge to advance (or build towards) a career as an NHS biomedical scientist. The proficiencies covered are also transferable to careers within the bioscience sector and research.

Advanced Computer System Developments (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Advanced Computer Systems Development course has been designed with industry in mind and integrates the latest developments in computer systems analysis, design, implementation, integration and management on different devices. It has a strong focus on hands-on skills required by industry.

Advanced Computing (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Advanced Computing course is an advanced course of study for computing graduates focusing on issues such as internet of things (IoT) and big data. It is designed to develop your practical development skills. It will enable you to develop a comprehensive understanding of advanced computing technologies within industry and academia as well as acquire hands-on experience.

Applied Social Science(MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The MSc Applied Social Science will enable students to develop an understanding and applied experience of researching a number of contemporary and international issues across the areas of international politics, criminal justice, social policy, public governance and administration. It is delivered by an international team of leading experts.

Big Data (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Big Data course addresses the growing importance of big data in business, and society at large.

Biotechnology (MSc)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

Designed and delivered with industry input, the programme will develop your knowledge and understanding of a range of theoretical and practical skills relevant to the biotechnology industry, advance your understanding of the industry and grow your research skills.

Broadcast Journalism(MA)


Campus:Ayr Campus

Our accredited MA Broadcast Journalism course will equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, understanding and other attributes expected of professional broadcast journalists at the start of their careers. The course is accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, which represents the broadcast industry including the BBC, ITN, Channel 4 and Global Radio.

Business & Management (PgDip)


Campus:Paisley Campus /Lanarkshire Campus

This course will help improve your subject knowledge, study skills and academic language level and prepare you for the next step in your academic career.

Chemical Engineering (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Chemical Engineering is ideal if you are a graduate in chemical engineering or other related discipline and are looking to upgrade your technical abilities and equip yourself with advanced knowledge in the fields of chemical and process engineering.

Civil Engineering (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our technical MSc Civil Engineering provides you with the advanced knowledge and skills for supporting the delivery of infrastructure projects whilst minimising the impact on the natural environment. You will advance your knowledge to support your career progression within consulting and contracting organisations whilst satisfying the learning requirements for Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

Contemporary Drug & Alcohol Studies(MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Students are introduced to a range of cross disciplinary theories, concepts and evidence to analyse.

Creative Media Practice(MA)


Campus:Ayr Campus

Our MA Creative Media Practice is ideal for those from various disciplines as well as industry professionals wishing to broaden their creative skills, knowledge and experience. This is a flexible MA suite of modules which will allow you to build up a strong portfolio of high-quality creative work across your chosen areas of practice.

Criminal Justice (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The MSc Criminal Justice degree gives you the opportunity to study both theoretical and applied criminology at an advanced level and to use the knowledge, skills and understanding gained to engage critically, innovatively and independently with contemporary issues surrounding criminal justice.

Cyber Security(MSc)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

This highly-specialist programme is designed for graduates who want to gain knowledge and skills in advanced topics in data and network security to combat 21st century cyber threats.

Digital Health (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our course focuses on teaching the advanced topics of eHealth including: Connected Health, Digital Health, Tele-Health, m-Health.

Digital Marketing (MSc)

数字营销 理科硕士

Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Digital Marketing course gives you an opportunity to build a successful career in this fast-growing global sector.

Filmmaking (MA)


Campus:Ayr Campus

Our Screen Skills accredited MA Filmmaking programme provides a stimulating, supportive and professional environment in which you can freely yet rigorously develop your unique voice and develop the skills to transform dreams into cinematic realities.

Finance and Accounting with CIMA (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Developed in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Finance & Accounting MSc prepares you for a successful career in finance and accounting, working at home or overseas in various business environments.

Human Resource Management (HRM)(MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The MSc in Human Resource Management has been designed in response to developments within the HRM sector and can lead to professional accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Information Technology (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc in Information Technology is ideal if you have a degree in a subject other than IT or computing and would like to develop much sought after business-relevant IT knowledge and skills.

International Events Management (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The MSc International Events Management was designed to meet the sector's demand for talented, capable practitioners and will prepare you for a successful career in events management at home or abroad. It enables you to develop your practical, strategic and conceptual understanding of the events sector within local, national and international contexts.

International Management (MSc)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

Our MSc International Management is designed to help you build a career in management where an understanding of global contexts and issues is becoming increasingly important. The MSc will equip you with the theoretical knowledge and conceptual skills to work in environments requiring high levels of international managerial competence. International guest lecturers and case studies will help you better understand the international contexts of management.

International Politics (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The International Politics MSc will develop your knowledge, understanding and critical engagement with key issues, trends, processes and developments in international politics. It is delivered by an international team of leading academics in the field.

Internet of Things (MSc)


Our MSc Internet of Things course is a postgraduate course focusing on teaching advanced IoT topics. As a student you will develop practical skills through a comprehensive understanding of fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience of IoT technologies within industry and academia.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management course provides you the opportunity to study all aspects of logistics and supply chain management, covering the range of activities associated with the efficient flow and storage of goods, services and related information. It equips you with the specialist knowledge and training to design and manage effective logistics and supply chain systems, creating managerial opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)(MSc)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

The MBA programme is supported by its own virtual learning environment – the MBA Online World which provides access to MBA core text and allows students to study online with their peers.

Master of Public Health(MPH)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

This degree has been designed to offer you a solid basis in public health epidemiology, health policy and global economics, health education and health promotion, statistics, and infection and disease control – delivered via a mixture of face-to-face, online and blended delivery of modules.

Mechanical Engineering (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Mechanical Engineering is intended for mechanical engineering graduates (and engineering graduates from related disciplines, eg aircraft, aeronautical, product design engineering) and will deepen and widen your knowledge and understanding of mechanical engineering specialist topics.

Mental Health Nursing (MSc)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

This exciting, two-year pre-registration course is underpinned by master’s level education, enabling you to become a highly educated mental health nurse with longer term potential for management, leadership, consultancy, educational and research roles.



Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

This innovative and dynamic three-year midwifery programme will enable you to become a highly educated and skilled midwife with the potential for management, leadership, consultancy, educational and research roles.

Mobile Web Development(MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Mobile Web Development is fully accredited by the British Computer Society and is designed to meet the demands of the increasing use of mobile devices to provide applications and services to users and enterprises.

Music (Songwriting/Sound Production/Industries)(MA)

音乐(歌曲创作/音效制作/行业) 文学硕士

Campus:Ayr Campus

Our MA Music framework provides a broad range of personalised learning experiences underpinned by professionally relevant research and enterprise that is strongly aligned to: Songwriting, Production and Music industries. The master's will deepen your expertise in the authorship, production and distribution of popular music.

Nursing (with UK Nursing Competency Development Course) (MSc)


Campus:/Lanarkshire Campus

Our MSc Nursing course is designed to provide a progressive pathway of master’s level study for all registered nurses working in all fields of practice.

Policy Analysis and Global Governance(MSc)

政策分析和全球治理 理科硕士

Campus:Paisley Campus

This programme equips students to investigate and evaluate the ways in which a variety of state and non-state organisations come together to address global problems.

Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) :PGDE Primary


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus

Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) :PGDE Secondary


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus

Project Management (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

In every business, and in every industry, effective project management is essential. Project managers plan and organise resources and people to ensure projects finish on time, within budget and meet the requirements of the business.

Psychology (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Study the human mind and behaviour in this professionally accredited Masters programme – your first step towards becoming a chartered psychologist.

Quality Management(MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Quality management is a discipline for ensuring that outputs, benefits, and the processes by which they are delivered, meet stakeholder requirements and are fit for purpose. It is a discipline required by all sectors of the economy.

Social Policy (MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

The Social Policy MSc provides students with an opportunity to explore current issues in social welfare and social policy in a global context. It is delivered by an international team of leading academics in the field.

Social Work(Conversion)(MSc)


Campus:Paisley Campus

Sport Coaching (MSc)


Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

This programme aims to advance your coaching skills through the application of science to sport. It draws on a range of disciplines including sport psychology, strength and conditioning, and performance analysis. Whether you coach children, elite youth performers or talented masters athletes, the programme is designed to support the application of scientific principles to challenge and enhance your coaching practice.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (MEd)

对外英语教学 教育学硕士

Campus:Paisley Campus

Whether your goal is to work as a TESOL professional at home or abroad or to build on your existing experience, this programme will equip you with relevant and practical teaching competencies, improve your global citizenship skills and instil you with an increased awareness of issues related to English language, learning and teaching.

Waste & Resource Management(MSc)

废料及资源管理 理科硕士

Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Waste and Resource Management prepares you for a career in the growing environmental and resource management sector, where there is increasing global demand for skilled graduates.

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