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UWS Global Scholarship (2000 pounds)

UWS is delighted to offer 120 “limited edition” GLOBAL Scholarships aimed at students who have achieved academic excellence, such as 65% or higher in the High School/College exams for Undergraduate applicants or 69% or higher in the undergraduate degree/diploma or equivalent for Postgraduate applicants.In exceptional circumstances, we may also consider Anniversary Scholarship applications from applicants who are able to provide other strong evidence of their academic excellence and demonstrate their commitment and motivation to study at UWS through a strong scholarship application.The UWS Anniversary Scholarship is open to self-funding, full-time, full fee-paying, non-EU students on degree programmes at our four Scottish Campuses (excluding DBA, MBA and research programmes) .For further information, please email us at international@uws.ac.uk

UWS Postgraduate Fee Offer (20% off)

Contact Details

Ms. Jun Chen
Jun.Chen@uws.ac.uk Ms. Yuxiao Zhou
Yuxiao.Zhou@uws.ac.uk Ms. Ge XIn
Ge.Xin@uws.ac.uk Mr. Caiyong Zhuang

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