School of Education & Social Sciences

School of Education & Social Sciences

UWS is where the best teachers learn their craft. The School prepares educators for work in Scotland and beyond; and its research reaches has international impact.

Programme Recommendation

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (MEd)

Campus:Paisley Campus

This Masters programme will equip you with the relevant, practical teaching and English language skills as well as the confidence and citizenship skills that you will gain from developing language learnt in situ, for those who teach,or plan to each, English to speakers of other languages.

Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) :PGDE Secondary

Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus

With a strong practical bias, this programme provides the formal teaching qualification for provisional registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), preparing you for a career in secondary school teaching.

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL)(3rd or 4th Year Entry)(BA & BA Hons)

Campus:Ayr Campus

This programme is designed for domestic, EU and international students looking to become proficient in English and to expand their knowledge of intercultural identities, teacher education, and analysing discourse.

Community Education (BA)

Campus:Lanarkshire Campus

With practice learning opportunities, the Community education degree has professional recognition from the Standards Council for Community Learning and Development for Scotland.

Social Work(Conversion)(MSc)

Campus:Paisley Campus

MSc Policy Analysis and Global Governance(MSc)

Campus:Paisley Campus

Contemporary Drug & Alcohol Studies(MSc)

Campus:Paisley Campus

Our innovative MSc Contemporary Alcohol & Drug Studies course adopts a critical social science perspective to explore the interplay between psychoactive substances and society across a range of areas.

Career Guidance & Development(MSc)

Campus:Paisley Campus

As a practitioner you will provide accurate and relevant advice on employment, education and training opportunities to an ever-widening client group. Our course focuses on professional practice, personal reflection and critical analysis of practice. It also allows you to undertake research and work evaluation as part of your ongoing professional development. The Postgraduate Diploma can include completion of the Qualification in Career Guidance and Development (QCGD) which is professionally accredited by the Career Development Institute UK.

Applied Social Science(MSc)

Campus:Paisley Campus

Our MSc Applied Social Science course offers you applied training in a number of specialisms. It also provides you with the transferable social science research skills and discipline-specific expertise

Education (BA)

Campus:Ayr Campus

You will have the formal teaching qualification necessary for provisional registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

Childhood Studies (2nd year entry) (BA & BA Hons)

Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus /Dumfries Campus

The BA Childhood Studies offers you the opportunity to build a career supporting children and their families in a variety of environments.

Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) :PGDE Primary

Campus:Lanarkshire Campus /Ayr Campus

This qualification gives you the skills, knowledge and experience to build a career as a primary school teacher. Graduates possess the formal pre-requisite teaching qualification necessary for provisional registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

Psychology(BSc Hons)

Campus:Paisley Campus

The BSc Psychology course at UWS will prepare you for a career as a Chartered Psychologist. The course is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). The primary aim of the psychology degree is to develop your understanding of how and why people act in the way that they do.

Social Work (BA Hons)

Campus:Paisley Campus /Dumfries Campus

The UWS BA Social Work has been designed in collaboration with employers and service users to provide you with the knowledge and practical experience to qualify as a practicing social worker. Within a globally defined profession, social workers help people help themselves and play a crucial role in improving lives.

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